COP21 Overview

COP21 is the name of the Paris Climate Change conference that concluded Dec 12/15 with an agreement signed by virtually all world leaders.  This is a truly significant accomplishment!

At its outset, John Kerry, the US Secretary of State, declared that “If we send the right signals – if we make the right choices – the private sector will deliver.  Why?  Because clean energy is not only the solution to climate change. It’s also one of the greatest economic opportunities the world has ever known.” (

On his return to Canada, our Prime Minister described it as “an agreement that supports a transition to a low-carbon economy”.  He announced an initiative to frame our country’s overall approach by bringing together provincial First Ministers within 90 days.  That meeting is now scheduled for early March.

On Jan 29/16, the environmental ministers of Canada’s federal, provincial, and territorial governments came together for the first time ever to work towards the establishment of a pan‑Canadian framework to address climate change and grow our economy (

This article addresses the question "why should you take action ... now?"


What Does COP21 Mean?

The Paris conference was remarkable in several ways:

  1. It eliminated once and for all, any doubt that the observed, worldwide rise in temperature is due to mankind’s activities, particularly the very rapid increase in greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. The governments and sustainability leaders of nearly 196 countries negotiated and signed an agreement to limit the temperature rise due to carbon emissions to 2°C or better still 1.5°C.  That is the goal.
  3. Rather than impose emissions reductions targets, COP21 invited every citizen of the world and their governments, to step forward and declare how they might help in achieving the desired result.
  4. And then once every 5 years, to report and share their contributions, to compare and learn and improve.

Climate change really is an ‘all of us’ problem.  Each one of us must make our own contribution to its resolution.
28,000 Tonnes Emissions Reduction by 2019 is eco-Options Energy Cooperative’s Commitment to COP21

Mid-December, management of eco-Options Energy entered into an agreement with the BC government to reduce carbon emissions in the commercial truck sector of the BC transportation industry, by a cumulative 28,000 tonnes.


What are the implications of this chart?

  1. Converting 9,000 Trucks to Bi-Fuel Operation
  2. Selling 75 million liters of auto-propane
  3. Investing $50 million in equipment
  4. Creating 75 man-years of quality work

How Might You Benefit?

The mission of eco-Options Energy is to demonstrate the commercial viability of clean energy initiatives in the commercial transportation sector.

Since 2011, the members of eco-Options Energy Cooperative have proven emissions reductions of 20-25% and fuel cost savings of 30-45% in their day-to-day driving of their trucks around the Lower Mainland, primarily by fuel-switching to auto-propane.  The business case, and its application to a wide variety of truck types and uses, is now sound and proven.

Today, owners and operators of light and medium duty commercial trucks can benefit from the volume purchasing and value delivery power of our programs, with:

1.     Fuel savings from the first kilometer driven

2.     Emissions reductions that are certified by an independent third party

3.     100% financing, repaid from savings, with positive cash flow every kilometer driven

4.     Full and open reporting of actual cost and emissions savings, and

5.     New revenue-generating opportunities arising from being proactively sustainable.

Call to Action
Align yourself with worldwide COP21 actions today by calling us for a free initial assessment at 778.387.5201.

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